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Ok, so you can’t credit them with a great deal of innovative thinking – they just sowed names and symbols onto sleeveless jean jackets – but they do what they do so bloody well. The Ghetto Brothers’ ‘trash cans’ are a great symbol, combining boastfulness and modesty in a manner that brings to mind Socrates’ retort; “through the holes in your clothes I can see your vanity”. 


 Here are the seven immortals in a more relaxed setting, reflected in a slightly less uniformy style. Not sure where they got the name since there are obviously more than seven and I am sure they didn’t all make it through intacto. Just imagine how the effete Shoreditch Twats who have hijacked their style would look confronted by their fashionable forebears


The Dirty Ones are the real winners for me. Cowboys in Brooklyn, they would stand out a mile but you just wouldn’t dare, would you?


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