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The Yugoslavian conflicts bestowed little of value unto the world of fashion and should, rather, be taken as a warning that war and culture are not always complementary. Instead, those lost years gave us quite possibly the naffest and tackiest collection of gangsters imanginable with a penchant for the vicious animals and excessive vulgarity that have given the Balkans a bad name.

Our first villain is Kristijan Golubovic; not particularly successful, it seems, he spent pretty much his entire life in prisons around Europe. To his favour though, he eventually put such time to good use creating a very professional website from behind bars using a camera phone. Visit, click gallery and you’ll see a rare example of good taste, or, at least, such bad taste as to verge on goodness with a healthy dose of (dramatic?) irony.

The main man here is fellow Serb Željko Ražnatović. Both his noble parents were communist partisans who fought the Nazis during WW2 but, rather than inspiring their son, they beat him regularly and he ended up in prison at 14 years old.

Still, you could hardly call him a layabout and he ended up leading a paramilitary force, Arkan’s Tigers (hence the mascot), after a brief stint as a state-sponsored assassin.

Interestingly, his daughter had a fling with Golubovic, above, cementing a formidable union; this sites equivalents of Mr and Mrs Missoni.

Ismet Bajramovic, pictured with fierce dogs; I think of him as the Yang of Paris Hilton’s Ying.  Leaving the dogs to one side, the sunglasses and Tudor shirt combo give this guy a look of an “actor” from channel 5’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys relaxing between takes.  Worryingly he has four facebook fan pages.

It wasn’t just humanity these fellows were committing crimes against.


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  1. here are some great videos of Arkan

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