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Category Archives: rebel chic

People talk alot about the decline of Marxism and its evaporation from the contemporary Western political landscape, except for American Republicans, who talk about the decline into Marxism under Barack Obama.

People are so superficial, concentrating on mere political superscruture when it is obvious that the fundamental cause of this decline are changing relations of production at the base level, i.e. fashion.

The decline of Marxist chic is excrutiatingly obvious. Just compare the two photos above. The first is an early picture of the Bolshevik Red Guard. You can tell they are putting a bit of effort in and actually have faith in the whole revolution-thingy. You can see that in the variety and yet consistent quality of their headgear; the fact that they’re all wearing ties, probably red, my favourite tie-colour in case you ask, and suit jackets or overcoats. The posers with the pistols top-left are leading the pack, while those lying at front give the group a relaxed air that hints at communist liberation. They’ve even made a lovely little dynamic arrangement of small arms.

Moving onwards and downwards, you have the National People’s Army of the Philipinnes. They probably consider themselves the successors of the former, how deluded they are! They are nothing but Leftist-Casualist-Anarcho-Sartorialist deviants of the worst sort whose clothing should be confined to the charityshop binbag of history. Can you imagine someone proclaiming the age of revolution in blue wellies, tracksuits, a t-shirt and a bandana? Talk about Counter-Revolution, its the fashion equivilent of the Kornilov Affair. And no, there is no risk insulting them because I can tell they will never win.

Anyway, the origins of this rot are pretty obvious and can be ascribed to one man alone, Che Guevara. Here he is with comrade scruffbags above. While the experimental facial hair should be commended, and there was something challenging and radical about their disheveldness in the 50s, there’s really no excuse today.

If the following image is the face of future Marxism, then us proletariat may as well volunteer a wage cut and give ourselves a boot in the face while we’re at it.