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Category Archives: Tribal motifs

The Omo Valley, Ethiopia, is my Milan. Its a UNESCO world heritage sight, has twenty odd separate tribes and they are  pretty much always up for a tussle.
The Karo tribe keep up a monochrome look with some statement white make up. And omg, the guy in the middle is actually doing the smile-with-the-eyes. If you’ve ever seen more than 12 seconds of ANTM you know what I’m talking about. This could be because one of the major money spinners in the region is being paid to have photographs taken of you, and who’d haggle? Basically they’re wandering groups of professional models; I don’t know whether to cry or rejoice.

If you haven’t already noticed, the statement accessory in the Omo Valley is the AK-47, its more important than a pair of shoes. Some seriously customised clothing (I never knew Gok had made it so far) giving a layering effect completes the look of this Mursi soldier.


Another Mursi, with fucking amazing shell necklace, lip plate and, ipod?  I’m usually of the opinion that ipods make everyone look far less cool but, here, I am willing to make an exception.